Bamboo Mat Veneer Composite

Bamboo Mat Veneer Composite

Availability of industrial wood from natural forests have been on decline for many years now, creating a raw material crisis for the wood based panel industry in the country. The national forest policy 1988 lays emphasis on development of wood substitute. Timber available from fast growing plantation species generally have lower strength properties, dimensional stability and service life.

Erstwhile IPIRTI, a premier research institute of the MOEF, GOL, in the field of composites based on wood and other lignocellulosic material have developed environmentally sustainable technologies for making plywood like sheet materials from Bamboo. Extensive research using Bamboo Mat in combination with plantation wood for sheet material has resulted in development of Bamboo mat Veneer composites. BMVC is a preferable panel material due to its superior physical mechanical properties compared to Bamboo Mat Board (BMB) and general purpose plywood and on par with structural plywood.

Bureau of Indian Standard has already brought out a standard on "Bamboo mat veneer composite for general purpose IS:14588/1999".

Resin coated bamboo mats, woven in herringbone pattern using slivers of about 0.6 mm thickness, and rotary cut veneers from plantation wood are used for manufacture Bamboo Mat Veneer Composites. Specific construction of bamboo mat and veneer layers are used and thickness of manufactured board cab be in the range of 4 mm to 25 mm. Various process parameters have also been standardized.

Bamboo mat Veneer composite boards can be made in existing plywood or Bamboo mat board manufacturing factories without major additional capital investment