Analysis of Wood Polymers

FTIR spectra of Pinus sylvestris L.

FTIR spectra of Pinus sylvestris L. decayed by C. puteana. Average percentage weight loss of the sample has been labeled on each curve

The purpose of this research is to characterize and analyze the polymeric constituents of wood directly from solid wood surfaces using modern spectroscopic techniques, which include FTIR, NMR, fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy.

FTIR studies were carried out to examine qualitative and quantitative changes in lignin and carbohydrate components relative to one another in wood decayed by brown-rots and white-rots. Lignin to carbohydrate ratios estimated using FTIR correlated well with lignin contents determined by wet chemical methods. The study demonstrates usefulness of this technique for the rapid detection of wood decay at early stages by brown rot fungi and identifying the type/nature of decaying organisms and determining quantitative changes in wood constituents with relative to each other. It has advantage over wet lab chemical methods, which are time consuming and requires a large amount of sample for evaluation.

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