Ms. Sujatha D


Designation: Scientist F
Division: HoD, PPPT Division
Phone (Office): +091-80-30534005
Email: (at)icfre(dot)org


Working as Scientist F at IWST, Erstwhile Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute [IPIRTI], Bangalore.

Has been serving at Adhesive Technology division since 24 years in R & D related to the field of Resins and Adhesives, Plywood Manufacturing, Bamboo and other agro based residues related technologies on product development. Greater contribution is towards Development of Bio-adhesives using various renewable materials of natural origin.

Involved in the major MOEF&CC, Clean Technology Division funded projects on Development of Bio Adhesives, Field Demonstration & Development of Bamboo Composite/panels for housing in North Eastern region , study on energy auditing in production of panel products, life cycle assessment of wood and bamboo composite products and the data generated in this project has helped to minimize the energy and pollution levels during the manufacturing process of plywood and bamboo composites.

Involved in setting up Industrial units for production of Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets, Bamboo Mat Boards and Bamboo Mat Veneer Composites.

Providing consultancy to industries to solve the issues faced during production by way of visiting industries and also develop process to address the industrial problems. Have attended to about 75 industries to rectify the floor level issues in India as well as Abroad.


Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical engineering discipline

Research Activities

Synthetic resin adhesives and bio adhesives development

Wood and wood based composites

Composites from Agro and forest residues

Formaldehyde emission from panel products

Research Expertise

Resins and Adhesives

Panel products technology

Bio-adhesives using various renewable materials of natural origin

Coloured veneers compreg

Emission of formaldehyde from wood and wood based panel products standardization.


Development of Adhesive from Bio-Materials: Project cost: Rs.33.04 Lakhs

Plywood for packaging purpose conforming to GOST standards. Project cost: Rs.12.00 Lakhs

Technology Development of Phenol Protobind 1075 Formaldehyde Resin / Adhesive Suitable for Industrial Plywood Production as per Indian Standard Project cost: Rs.10.00 Lakhs

Field Development and Demonstration of Building components/panels for Housing in North Eastern Region : Project cost: Rs.127.00 Lakhs

Development of a technology for coloring of veneers with relevance to Gurjan, Beech and Eucalyptus species .Project cost: Rs.3.00 lakhs

Upgradation of the technology on the development of 50mm compregs using dyed veneers of plantation species (Densified Laminated Lumber) on commercial unit. Project cost: Rs. 8.50 Lakhs

Establish Centre Of Excellence On Coir Composites (CECC) for utilization of coir fibres for transforming into high value added coir composites. Project cost: Rs. Rs.222.66 lakhs

Polyurethane based adhesives for bonding wood based products. Project cost: Rs.12.00 lakhs

Development of 25mm and 50mm compregs using dyed veneers of plantation species (Densified Laminated Lumber ) Project cost: Rs.6.00 lakhs

Suitability of rice straw for the manufacture of medium density fiber board Project cost: Rs.4.35 lakhs

Energy Auditing and Carbon Footing in Manufacture of Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet (BMCS) and Bamboo Mat Ridge Cap (BMRC) Project cost: Rs.8.35 lakhs

Technology for the manufacture of Corrugated Roofing Sheets from Coir Non woven Felt Project cost: Rs.9.90 lakhs

Current Research Projects:

Principle investigator

Phenol Lignin Formaldehyde Resin/Adhesive for Boiling Water Resistance grade Plywood. Project cost: Rs. 22.00 Lakhs

Evaluation of suitability of currency briquettes replacement with wood particles for the manufacture of particle board. Project cost: Rs. 8.92Lakhs


Comparative study on Formaldehyde emission level in wood-based panels using different test methods.

Investigating the performance of resins made using glyoxal

Suitability of timber species identified by Tamilnadu forest department for manufacturing plywood


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Have 8 patents to credit on the research findings

Recipient of Rashtriya Gaurav Award for the meritorious services and outstanding performance in the field of green technology for wood and wood based panel products april 2019.

Recipient of "3rd best poster award in the workshop on " New frontiers and future of wood science and technology in India" held at IWST, Bangalore on 20th jan 2011 for the poster titled “ Formaldehyde release from panel products- Impact on Environment