Dr. B.S. Mamatha


Designation: Scientist E
Division: PPPT Division
Phone (Office): +091-80-30534039
Email: seshagirimb(at)icfre(dot)org


Working as Scientist E in Plywood and panel products technology division at IWST-ICFRE


MSc (Chemistry)

PhD (Polymer science)

Research Activities

Characterisation of Adhesives

Development of Bio adhesives and bio composites

Environmentally friendly adhesives

Fire retardant composites

lignocellulosic panel products from wood and agro

Composites development using organic and inorganic adhesives

Research Expertise

Formaldehyde based adhesives and bio adhesives for lignocellulosic based panel products

Dyeing of veneers

Composites development using organic and inorganic adhesives

Risk assessment of Formaldehyde Emission of panel products and lowering the emission from panel products

Completed Research Projects

Project Leader

Study on the suitability of pith and wood dust for the manufacturing of particle composite and wooden core plugs – Funded by M/s Tamilnadu news print and paper limited (a government of Tamilnadu enterprise), Project cost: INR 1 million. (2021)

Optimization of process parameters for the manufacture of Cross laminated timber funded by IPIRTI, MoEF and CC Project cost INR 0.3 Million (2022)


Suitability of plantation grown timber species received from Tamil Nadu for manufacture of Particle Board. Funded by State forest research Institute, Tamilnadu Project cost INR 1.0 million (2022)

Evaluation of lignin for its suitability in the manufacture of Phenol Lignin Formaldehyde Resin/Adhesive for Boiling Water Resistance grade Plywood funded by M/s FORTUM INDIA Pvt Ltd project cost :INR 21 million (2023)

Current Research Projects:

Project Leader

Comparative study on Formaldehyde emission level in wood-based panels using different test methods. supported by IPIRTI, INR 0.3 million (2021-2023)

Investigating the performance of resins made using glyoxal supported by ICFRE INR 0.3 million (2021-2023)


Evaluation of suitability of currency briquettes replacement with wood particles for the manufacture of particle board Funded by Reserve Bank of India, Karnataka. Project cost INR 0.6million

Suitability of plantation grown timber species received from Tamil Nadu for manufacture of Particle Board. Funded by State forest research Institute, Tamilnadu Project cost INR 1.0 million


Research paper published

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Proceedings/ seminar/ conference:

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Credit of being a part of 5 patents