Shri. B. S. Chandrashekar


Designation: SCIENTIST-E
Division: Silviculture & Forest Management Division
Phone (Office): +091-80-22190193
Email: bschandrashekar(at)icfre(dot)org; abc(at)gmail(dot)com


Research Experience:

Areas of Specialization:

Plant Taxonomy

NWFPs (Medicinal & Aromatic crops)

Natural products & Phytochemistry


M.Sc (Botany)

Research Activities

Research Interests:
Plant based drugs for Malaria, Diabetes and Cancer

Research Expertise


Development of Agro-techniques for Gymnema sylvestre R.Br. and Embilia ribes Burm.f.- Medicinal plants of high marketing value (ICFRE funded)

Development of appropriate agro-silvicultural systems for selected medicinal flora of Chotanagpur and Santhal Paragnas (ICFRE funded)

Estimation of rates and ratios of timber and NTFP’s in Bihar, Jharkhand, W.Bengal and Sikkim (Central Statistical Organisation, New Delhi funded)

Collection of Jatropha curcas L. germplasm from Eastern India (CSIR funded)

Creation of germplasm resource bank of threatened medicinal plants of Darjeeling Himalayas (ICFRE funded)

Bamboo resource survey in Jharkhand (Jharkhand Forest Department funded)

Screening and evaluation of wild varieties of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. fruit in various agro-climatic zones of Western Ghats (ICFRE funded)

Isolation and antifungal activities of the chemical compounds of Baccaurea Courtallensis Muell.Arg. - A wild edible plant of Western Ghats.

Current Research Projects:

Isolation and Estimation of L-DOPA from Mucuna pruriens Linn. collected from South India (ICFRE funded)

Garcinia indica Choisy- Pharmacological evaluation of extract /active principle for anti-diabetic property (ICFRE funded)


Details of Research Papers Published in National/International Journals:

Srivastava, H.C and Chandrasehkar, B.S., 2002. Mucuna pruriens Linn. (Kaunch) - An economically important medicinal plant, Science Tech Entrepreneur Magazine, Department of Science and Technology, GoI.

Malabika Ray and Chandrashekar, B.S., 2004. Medicinal tree cultivation in rehabilitation of degraded land. Proceedings of National seminar on ‘Rehabilitation of lands under anthropogenic stress and degradation’, 20th January at Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi.

Panvar, V.P and Chandrashekar, B.S., 2004. Rehabilitation of semi degraded land through lac host species- A multidimensional approach. Proceeding of National seminar on ‘Rehabilitation of lands under anthropogenic stress and degradation’, 20th January at Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi.

Chandrashekar, B.S and Malabika Ray., 2004. Ex-situ conservation of some endangered medicinal plants of Jharkhand. Proceedings of National seminar on Potential of Medicinal plants and their marketing held at SNSIBM, Ranchi

Chandrashekar, B.S., 2004. Multipurpose tree species of Eastern India with special reference to NTFPs. Proceeding of the International conference on “Multipurpose Tress in Tropics: Assessment, Growth, and Management” organized at AFRI, Jodhpur organized by IUFRO from 22nd –25th, November. ISBN 81-7233-424-9, pg.456-461.

Mohan, S., Chandrashekar,B.S and Sanjai Mohan, IFS (2006) Lesser known wild edible plant of Western Ghats- Baccaurea courtallensis Muell.Arg: Need for domestication and value addition. National workshop on “Lesser known Non Timber Forest Products–Status, Conservation, Management and Sustainable utilization” held 28th and 29th March at IWST Bangalore

Mohan, S., Chandrashekar,B.S and Nagaveni, H.C. (2009) Anti-fungal activity of Baccaurea courtallensis Muell.Arg An endemic plant of Western Ghats accepted for oral presentation at National Forestry Conference 2009 at Dehradun.

Papers Published in Proceedings of Symposiums/Conferences:



Prof. L Narayana Rao Gold medal for securing highest marks amongst graduates of Bangalore University, 1993-96 batch