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1. Instrumentation Techniques for Phytochemical Analysis

Course Director : Sri. V.S. Shettappanavar

Dates                  : Ist  Course: 15th -17th  May 2017 (3 days)

                       : IInd Course: 10th - 12th July  2017 (3 days)

                      :IIInd Course: 27th - 29th  November 2017 (3 days)

Fees                    : Rs 5000/- (For all other categories) (without lodging facility)

Course content: Instrumental analysis with different chromatographic tools like GC, analytical HPLC and preparative HPLC, spectroscopic analytical methods like UV and FTIR. 

2. Field Identification of Important Timbers

Course Director : Dr. S. R. Shukla

Dates                   : Ist  Course: 24th – 28th  July 2017 (5 days)

                        : IInd Course:20th -24th  November 2017 (5 days)

Fees                     : Rs 10000/- (With boarding and lodging); Rs.6000/- (without lodging facility)

Course content :  Field Identification of 25 commercial timbers; Method of identification (physical properties and internal structural features).

3. Wood Seasoning and Protection

Course Director  :    Mrs. D. Venmalar

Dates                    : Ist   8th -12th September, 2017 ( 5 days )

                        :IInd 8th – 12th January, 2018 (5 days)

Fees                      : Rs 10,000/- (With boarding and lodging); Rs.6000/- (without  lodging facility)

Course content : Wood drying and preservation, basic concepts of wood drying, methods of wood drying, drying schedules, different types of drying defects and their control, different types of wood preservatives, methods of wood treatment and safety measures (i.e. handling issues, Wood modification, protection from weathering and wood coating, wood degradation by different kind of bio-organisms (i.e. fungi, termites, borers, etc.) and marine biodegradation and about their preventive measures. 

4. Wood Polymer Composites

Course Director   :  Dr. Shakti Chauhan

Dates                    :  Ist    9th -11th August, 2017 (3 days)                                  

                         :IInd    26th – 28th   February, 2018 (3 days)

Fees                       :   Rs 10,000/- (With boarding and lodging),  Rs.6000/- (without  lodging facility)

Course Content : Basics of wood, polymers and WPC; Manufacturing WPC; Physical and mechanical characterization of the composite; Additives for WPC; Degradation of WPC (moisture, biodegradation and weathering); Biodegradable composites; Current trends and market potential.  hands-on-experience on compounding, injection moulding and mechanical testing of the composites.  

5. Sandal-wood : seed handling, nursery and plantation technology

Course Director : Dr. Geeta Joshi

Date                   :  Ist  Course: 11th - 15th December 2017 (5 days)

Course Director : Dr Syam Viswanath, Scientist- F (Contact: 080 22190159, 22190161 email: sviswanath@icfre.org)

Date                  : IInd Course: 19th  - 23rd February 2018 (5 days)

Fees                     : Rs 10000/- (With boarding and lodging), Rs 8000/- (Without lodging),

Course Content : Components of nursery, propagation techniques, composting, concept of root trainers based seedling production, seed technology, supplementary nutrition, bio-fertilizers, pest management in nursery and quality assessment of seedlings (includes one day field tour and day field visit to KSDL)


6. Melia Dubia: Cultivation and Utilization

Course Director   :  Dr. A.N. Arun Kumar

Dates                     :  12th and 13th October 2017(2 days)

Fees                       :  Rs. 8000/- (With boarding and lodging)

Course Content    : Raising of plantations, wood quality, insect pest, utilization


7. Bamboo : Propagation , Value addition and Marketing

Course Director    : Dr. Syam Vishwanath

Dates                      :  18th -22nd September, 2017 (5 days)

Fees                        :  Rs.10,000/- (With boarding and lodging),  Rs.8,000/- (without  lodging facility)


Course content     : Bamboo : an overview and prospects for domestication, Propagation methods in Bamboo, Pest and Diseases Problem in Bamboo and its Protection,  Bamboo as a Green Building Material, Bamboo Preservation Techniques, Design Principles in Bamboo, value addition in bamboo, Bamboo Thermo Plastics Composite,  Gasification and Bioenergy, Lifestyle products in Bamboo,Policy and marketing  related issues in Bamboo sector, One day Field visits to bamboo plantations and other Institutions dealing with Bamboo in Bangalore.

8. Statistical  Methods in Forestry

Course Directors   : Mr. M. Srinivasa Rao, IFS

                           : Dr. Ritesh Tailor   

Dates                       :  I course  :    29th – 31st  August, 2017 (3 days)

                              II course  :    29th – 31st January, 2018 (3 days)                   

 Fees                       :   Rs 9,000/- (With boarding and lodging), Rs.6000/- (without  lodging facility)

                           :  Rs. 7,000/- (With boarding and lodging for students), Rs. 4,500/- (Without lodging for students)

Course Content : Elementary Statistical Methods, Sampling Techniques, Design of Experiment, Application of Statistics in Forestry Research and Data analysis and interpretation using SYSTAT statistical software.

9.  Integrated Pests and Disease Management on Sandalwood

Course Director : Dr. R. Sundararaj

Dates                   :  Ist  Course: 3rd November 2017 (one day)

Fees                     : Rs 1000/- (without lodging and boarding facility

Course Content   :  Basics of raising healthy Sandalwood seedlings and plantations. Diseases of Sandalwood and their management. Pest problems of Sandalwood and their management. Display of pest and disease problems in field conditions and demonstration of effective management measures.


Facilities: The Institute has well equipped laboratories, wood processing machineries, timber seasoning and preservation plant, nursery for raising seedlings and mist chamber for clonal propagation, Xylarium, insect museum, library and computer center etc. It also has nurseries and experimental field stations for conducting wood science and forestry research as well as training. A Scientists’ Hostel and a Guest House within the campus can accommodate the trainees well.

Faculty: The Institute has qualified and trained scientists with national and international exposure. Apart from the scientists of the Institute, renowned experts from other reputed institutions/universities are also engaged as resource persons/guest faculty.

Registration: The application/nomination letter should be sent in the prescribed format to the respective contact persons, Institute of Wood Science and Technology, 18th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560 003 at least 15 days before the commencement of the respective course. The requisite course fee can be paid through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “The Director, Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore” payable at Bangalore.

Participants are advised to commence their journey for the training only after receiving confirmation about the course. If adequate response for a particular course is not received, the same is liable to be cancelled. In that case, the course fee will be refunded to the concerned.


Important Information

Director / Extension Division

Institute of Wood Science and Technology,

18th Cross, Malleshwaram,

Bangalore 560 003

Phone : 080-23341731

Fax : 080-23340529

E-mail : dir_iwst@icfre.org, extension_iwst@icfre.org



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